ATTENTION: Art Agents, Schools, and Organizations!


Art agents, art schools and art organizations, as well as individual artists, can profit from an Art Galore! home page. Your home page will have an Internet address that you can give to anyone, anywhere in the world, and that person can access and view the work of your artists in full color.

In addition to bringing prospective buyers to your home page, the artists whose work is shown will direct other prospective client artists to your Web site. It is a wonderful recruiting tool for new artists, students, or members..


We will build and install a home page for an art league, art school, or art agency for only $2 for each image (minimum of five images), and we will maintain it for only $1 per month for each image (minimum of five dollars per month).

The home page for organizations looks much like the home page for an individual artist except that the panels following the headings show work by different artists. Each panel contains a small image of one of the artists' works and a complete description, including price, medium, title, and size. When the viewer "clicks" on the small image it enlarges to fill the entire screen in breathtaking color and detail. When the viewer clicks on the artist's name the contact information shown is the name, address, and phone number of the agent or organization.

The line in the image panel that usually says, "Please order directly from the artist," will be replaced by one saying, "Please contact this artist's representative." The word 'representative" will he a link to the complete contact address of the agent or organization. The Art Galore! address and logo will be replaced by your address (and logo, if you like).

Art Galore! receives no commission for Internet sales. The arrangement between the agent and the artist is left up to you.


The work by the various artists shown on your home page will also be distributed among the appropriate category galleries where it will be seen by the hundreds of visitors who regularly come to ART GALORE!, the premier VIRTUAL ART GALLERY on the World Wide Web.

There are galleries for portraits, abstracts, still lifes, etc. If a person browsing through one of these galleries becomes interested in one of your artists' paintings, a click of the computer mouse will transport him to your home page. Those coming to your home page will include other artists potentially interested in being represented by your organization.

Those of your artists who have at least five images will have only one image on the agent's page, but will be given their own home pages where all their images will be displayed. All of your artists, as well as the organization, will be listed in our pages of artists by name and by region. The link from these lists will, of course, take the viewer to the agent's home page.


Here's what we need from you: photographs or slides of your artists' work. Photographs should be no larger than 8 by 10 inches. Most artists can provide you with 3 by 5 inch prints or 35 millimeter slides. We can use either of these popular formats.

Please include $2 one-time installation fee with each photograph and resume and send by regular mail. Please send $1 for each image for every month you want that work to be displayed. Please include payment for at least two months. Resumes must be typed or commercially printed. Your logo will be charged with installation and maintenance fees just as any other image. You will be billed monthly after your initial payment is exhausted. Our minimum monthly maintenance fee is $5; that is, you pay for the maintenance of five images even if your have fewer.

Please bring up our form and print it on your printer. Fill the form out and send with your photos or slides and your check or money order to our mail address. No foreign checks, please.

If you want the photos returned, please include $1 for total return postage (more if foreign).

We reserve the right to reject all or any images based on our subjective ideas of artistic merit and taste.

Email to the gallery:

Artists, listed by NAME.

Artists, listed by REGION.

LAYOUT of the entire gallery.


5722 Gloucester Drive
Tyler, Texas 75707
(903) 939-2456