Artists Wanted!

Why should I participate?
The more places your work is advertised, the more sales you'll make. We offer you the opportunity of placing an ad for your work here. Art Galore! has been showing artwork for years as a virtual gallery and we get thousands of hits a month. We don't promise sales, but it can't hurt to open another showplace for your work.

How much does it cost?
Is free cheap enough? We wil place your ad and run it for an entire year with no cost to you. Prospective buyers will be referred directly to you. We won't be involved in the sales transactions. There's no charge for our preparing or running your ad.

How long will my artwork be shown?
Your ad will be shown for at least one year. After one year it will be removed at our convenience.

How many works can I list?
The free listing is for only one work of art. If you want us to advertise more than one, mail your check for $12 for each additional artwork. All ads, including the free one, will be shown for one year.

What do I do to participate?
Attach a picture of your artwork to an e-mail. The image must be in jpeg format; that is, it must be an image file with suffix jpg. An example is name.jpg. In the body of the e-mail state the title, the artist, and the medium along with any other information about the work that you may want to include.

We don't stock works, don't do credit cards, and won't be involved in making sales. Buyers will contact you, so you must include your telephone number, home address, or e-mail address.

If you have your own homepage or Facebook page, send the Web address to it as well. We'll make your name a link to it.

That's all there is to it. Click the e-mail address below and put the information in the body of the email and attach the image.

Art Galore!
5722 Gloucester Drive
Tyler, Texas 75707