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Every day thousands of viewers visit Art Galore online to browse through dozens of galleries where successful artists display their work. Each image is shown in a gallery devoted to the same category of art: landscape, still life, portrait, etc. Each image is shown as a thumbnail that enlarges into screen-filling size shown along with information about the image. Each image is linked to a page containing only that artist's work. This page serves as an outstanding home page. For those already having a home page, a link is provided from the artist's collection to the artist's home page to bring interested traffic where it is most needed.

If you already have a home page, then you know how convenient it is to refer people to your work. Giving out your home page address is like handing out color brochures. However, your home page, regardless of how artistically crafted its design, will not get the traffic of a page that is tied into an extensive and well frequented virtual art gallery. Nobody comes unless you personally invite them.

The link from each of your images in the subject galleries will be directed as you choose either to your Art Galore collection page, and from there to your home page or directly to your cureent personal home page. This joins your personal home page to our extensive sytem of display galleries. Your counter will show the increase in traffic to your home page.


Every serious artist needs an Internet home page as an electronic portfolio. Your home page will have an address that you can give to anyone, anywhere in the world, and that person can view your work on any computer monitor in full color. Say you're on the phone talking long distance to a prospective client, employer, editor. Just refer to your Internet address so that images of your work can do the selling.

The FREE home page we build for you will contain all the images that you display in the virtual art galleries, so viewers can see all your work at one place. Each image will appear as a thumbnail along with a complete description, including price, medium, title, and size. When the viewer "clicks" on the small image it enlarges to fill the entire screen in breathtaking color and detail. When the viewer clicks on the artist's name, the address, phone number, and resume of the artist appear. Your Art Galore home page will have an Internet address (URL) similar to this: You will want to put your home page address on your business cards, stationery, and brochures. However you advertise, including your home page address will increase the number of people who view and appreciate your work.

The free home page we provide is so attractive that many of our artists who already have their own home pages prefer to use ours, sometimes with a link to their old home page.


We charge $2 for each image we install. That is a one-time charge. Then we charge $1 per month for each image. For example, it would cost you $10 to install five images, and it would thereafter cost you $5 a month to maintain them. Think of it. for the monthly price of a fast-food lunch, you can show your work around the world in a popular gallery that never closes!

There is no commission charged for Internet sales. Viewers are instructed to contact the artists directly for purchases.


Do you want to participate in a quality virtual art gallery? Here's what we need from you: digital images, photographs or slides of your work. Photographs should be no larger than 8 by 10 inches. Most artists send us 3 by 5 inch prints or 35 millimeter slides. Digital images may be sent by e-mail or regular mail on floppy diskettes or CD.

Please bring up our FORM and print it on your printer. Fill the form out and send with your photos or slides and your check or money order. No foreign checks, please. Foreign artists should pay by money order.

Please include $2 installation fee for each photograph or digital image and send by regular mail. Please send $1 for each image for every month you want to pay in advance for displaying your work. Please include payment for at least the first two months in addition to the installation fee of $2 for each image. You will be billed monthly after your initial payment is exhausted.

You may have as many images on your Website as you like. If you want to show fewer than five images, you must pay for a year in advance at $1 per image. For example if you have three images send $6 for installation plus $36 for a year's maintenance.

Submission of digital images and text may be made by diskette or E-mail. The fee for digitized images is the same as for photos. Digitized images must be in JPG format. Diskettes must be formatted for PC. Text should be formatted in plain text (.txt). E-mail submissions will not be acted upon until receipt of signed application and payment for installation plus the first two months maintenance.

If you want your photos returned, please include a stamped self-addressed envelope.


We reserve the right to reject all or any of your images based on our subjective ideas of artistic merit and taste.



If you include a typed or commercially printed resumé that our scanner can read, we will add it to your Website at $2 per page. Scanning your resumé will probably result in some typographical errors, so you will need to print out the resumé as it appears on the Internet, mark the corrections, and mail us the corrected version. We will make the corrections you have marked without charge, but a charge of $1 each will be made for changes from the original document. If you prefer, you may type your resumé into an email and send it to us. Again the charge will be $2 per page. In any case, do not expect us to make spelling corrections and do not expect the online version to look better than what you send us. Photos to be shown with the resume require $2 each installation fee and $1 each per month maintenance fee just as images of artwork.

Descriptive Text

You may include a description or "sales pitch" for any image for a one-time insertion fee of $1. For example, "This painting won the coveted Joseph L. Snarf Award at the Pinedale Annual Art Festival." Descriptions longer than 30 words must be in scannable type face and no longer than one page. The description will appear only with the enlarged image.

Changes and Corrections

You may change prices, dimensions, etc., at any time for $1 per change. For example, if you want to change the prices on three of your paintings and the telephone number on your bio page, the charge will be $4 total. Corrections of errors made by Art Galore are, of course, free. Corrections of errors made by the artist are charged as changes.

Multiple Displays

We place each image in an appropriate subject gallery. You may have a given image appear in more than one gallery for a $1 per month fee for each additional gallery.

Our Lists of Artists

All Art Galore artists are listed both alphabetically by name and by geographical region. This service is free to our artists. If you would like to be listed without participating in the other gallery functions, the fee is $12 per year in advance. You need to supply us with your name, type of art, city and state, and the URL for the link. See our lists for examples: ARTISTS.

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