Carol Bailey

2855 Highway 179
Sedona, Arizona 86336



A native of Utah, Carol Bailey graduated from Utah State University in 1979. Upon graduation, Ms. Bailey was accidentally exposed to art when her sister was teaching piano to the local art instructor's child and talked Carol into going along. When art lessons for Carol and her sister were suggested in exchange for the piano lessons, she fell in love with painting, and has never looked back!

Most of her formal art education was one-on-one training with several local instructors, ending with Kent Wallis, whom Ms. Bailey credits with teaching her the real fundamentals of painting.

Since that time, she has continued to develop her talent by studying many of the better known painters of the last 200 years.

Artistic Orientation and Technique:

Carol Bailey's style reflects many of the painters she has develped an affinity with over the rears--Monet, Turner, Pissaro, Twactman, Hassam, etc. Her colors are chosen from nature, their heavy application punctuated with bright, realistic highlights in a style uniquely he own. The effect is soothing, and somehow cheerful, reminiscent of the uplift brought on by a bright summer's day. While the style is not photo realistic, the effect of the painting as a whole is. One wants to walk down one of Ms. Bailey's garden paths, or stand beside one of her cool mountain streams.