Frederick Harrison

9348 Cherry Hill Road #407 vice 9345
Greenbelt, Maryland 20770


Thank you for stopping to look at my paintings. They are intended to combine the subtle and the obvious in a way that both attracts the eye and engages the mind. The overlapping combinations of stripes and colors, built in layers from the back to the front of the canvas, create a dimension in which the eye searches out color interactions that please, while the mind unconciously looks for repetitive patterns that, except accidently, do not exist. The viewer can look at the paintings many times and see something new on each occasion.

The paintings require direct lighting to bring out colors, contrasts, and depth. They are best hung where they can be seen from a distance, as well as close-up. Their impact will change with distance, increasing the viewer's involvement as he or she approaches.

Because the paintings are somewhat "demanding," I offer a guarantee of your money back (less shipping and insurance) should you decide, within 10 days of delivery, to return your purchase.

For details of purchasing arrangements or to discuss your interests and requirements, please contact me at the EMail address or telephone number provided on this screen.

                                                                                         Frederick Harrison