Author's Resume: Charles H. Hayes

Charles H. Hayes

5722 Gloucester Drive
Tyler, Texas 75707



About the Author

Charles H. Hayes is a native Texan, born in Dallas. As son of outdoors writer and hunting authority, Tom Hayes, he was early exposed to campsite and pack train, and grew up with a love for Texas and its history and cultural traditions.

He is a graduate of Rice University and the University of Texas. Both degrees are in physics. His wife, Natalie is also a native Texan so after he retired from Lockheed/Martin in Huntsville, Alabama, they moved back to Texas.

About the Author's Work

Charles has had a lifetime interest in art, and in addition to his scientific/engineering career, he became an award winning sculptor and free lance cartoonist. He put his cartooning abilities to work in producing his first book, The Gray and the Blue--A Comic Strip History of the Civil War, which is designed to teach children that the currently popular concept of evil Southerners fighting only to keep from giving up their slaves is not only simplistic but false.

Hayes's more recent book, Civil War Limericks, again uses his artistic talent to give a casual and amusing presentation of America's defining war, this time for adults.

Hayes also writes fiction. His first two novels, The Briefcase and Ladies Don't Wrestle, are mysteries set in the author's own city of Tyler, Texas.