Anthology, N.E. Brown (Editor)
2016 Anthology - Selected Works

Est Texas Writers Guild
388 pages, 6 x 9 inches,
$15.00; Paperback

Contributions from 42 East Texas writers make up this book.

A bridge spans time and space. It connects here with there, and a bridge too far allows us to reach beyond and sometimes touch forever. Such is the bridge of life. Such is the bridge of literature. Authors of the East Texas Writers Guild have published their 2016 anthology as a bridge from the streets of reality to streets unknown. It is suspended by our imagination. It is held together by our stories. It is a crosswalk from fiction to nonfiction, from memoir to poetry, which, according to Percy Bysshe Shelley, is a mirror, which makes beautiful that which is distorted. A bridge in literature allows us to venture to places we’ve never been before and may never go again. The bridge is made up of stories that make us laugh and cry, sometimes terrify us and sometimes encourage us to fall in love. The bridge may astound you. It can mystify you. A mystery lies at the far end of the bridge. So does romance. You can follow one bridge to times of long ago. Another rises to worlds unknown and unexplored. It is the bridge we have built with our thoughts and words. It is the bridge we hope you choose to travel. These are our worlds, and we wait for you to cross the bridge and join us.

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