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Artist Realist, Richard Jarrell is known for his wildlife art, giving exact detail while displaying unique settings. A native of Frankfort, Germany, Richard now resides in Huntsville, Alabama.

Richard is a graduate of Art Instructional Schools College of Fine and Commercial Art, however he is mainly a self-taught artist. His talents were recognized at the early age of seven, with his sketches of cartoon characters. As his talents developed, Richard's artistic ability excelled in landscapes, portraits and eventually wildlife. He has developed his own unique technique of acrylic washes and watercolor glazes to create an unusual effect in realistic art.

Barton Cotton and the National Wildlife Federation, who have published greeting cards with his images, have recognized his works. Fur, Fish, and Game magazine and Southern Outdoors magazine have also used his paintings as their cover art. The Huntsville Times Newspaper and Teddy Kennedy Commercial Industrial Art have used his illustrations.

Richard's other accomplishments include exhibitions, promotions, and awards:

	**Master Graphics Art Gallery, Inc.
	**The Crow's Nest Gallery
	**Leon Loard Gallery of Fine Arts
	**Morales Art Galleries (3 galleries)
	**Huntsville Art Gallery
	**Grand Purchase Prize by the Birmingham Wildlife Art Show
	**Alabama Zoological Society Grand Purchase Prize
	**Decatur Southern Waterfowl festival
	       1st Place "Birds of Prey"
	       2nd Place "Shore Birds"
	       3nd Place "Upland Game Birds"
	**Five Limited Edition Prints
	       American Egret
	       Wood Ducks
	       Polar Bear
	       Canadian Geese
	       Red Shouldered Hawk