Chuck Long
"Imminent Deferral of Matrimonial Vows"
(Lt. Col. Gabby Gabreski)
oil (print) 26 in x 19 in
edition limited to 900

On July 20, 1944, Lt. Col. Francis Gabreski led a raid on a German airfield near Koblenz. This mission was supposed to be Gabby's last as he was being rotated to the U.S. after more than 300 combat hours and 28 aerial victories. It was, however, his final World War II mission for an altogether different reason. Instead of being married within a few weeks, this was the day that Gabby went down.

On this low level attack, his prop struck the ground and he was forced to make a belly landing in a nearby wheat field. He was captured after two days and spent the rest of the war as a P.O.W. After the war, he and his beloved Kay were married.

Each print is signed by Chuck Long and Col. Gabby Gabreski.

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