Chuck Long
"Major Carpenter's Kites"
(Major George Carpenter)
oil (print) 28 in x 20 in
edition limited to 750

Major George Carpenter, American fighter ace of World War II, flew with the RAF's 121 Eagle Squadron and the famed 4th Fighter Group of the Eighth Air Force. The 'kites' of Major Carpenter were his Mrk Vb Spitfire, P-47C Thunderbolt and the P-51B Mustang. These were the aircraft he flew while shooting down 17 and one-half German planes over Europe. Carpenter destroyed 16 enemy aircraft in a period of less than two months. Unfortunately, on the last of these missions he was hit by enemy fire and was forced to bail out sixty miles west of Berlin. Upon landing he was captured and sent to the Stalag Luft 3 P.O.W. camp. Major Carpenter was captured on April 18, 1944 and undoubtedly would have been one of the top scoring aces of the war had it not been for his capture.

Each print is signed by artist Chuck Long and Maj. George Carpenter.

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