Chuck Long
"668 Miles to Tokyo...the Doolittle Raid"
(Maj. Gen. Davy Jones)
oil (print) 28 in x 22 in
edition limited to 750

On April 18, 1942, a truly remarkable event occurred which lifted the spirits of our nation. This event was the daring 'Doolittle Raid.' Led by Col. Jimmy Doolittle, sixteen B-25 Mitchell medium bombers of the U.S. Army Air Force were launched from the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier 'Hornet' for the purpose of bombing Tokyo. It seemed an impossible task at that early stage of the war. The misssion was successful and gave our country a much needed something to cheer about. Each print is signed by artist Chuck Long and Maj. Gen. Davy Jones, the pilot of the third B-25 to take off from the 'Hornet.'
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