Chuck Long
"A Pair of Aces"
(Col. Tex Hill and Gen. Bruce Holloway)
oil (print) 28 in x 22 in
edition limited to 850

A pair of Claire Chennault's fighter aces race their P-40s into the China sky to intercept an incoming Japanese raid in this aviation art print. Two of the commanding officers of the famed 23rd Fighter Group in China were Tex Hill and Bruce Holloway. After the U.S. entered the war, the 23rd Fighter Group was formed with some of the veterans of the American Volunteer Group (the Flying Tigers) as the mainstay of the group. Tex Hill, a leading ace of both the AVG and the 23rd Fighter Group scored a total of sixteen aerial victories, while Bruce Holloway had ten. Each print is signed by artist Chuck Long, Col. Tex Hill, and Gen. Bruce Holloway.
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