Matt Purdy
"Deadly Gaze - Basilisk and Caiman"

Legend says that death shall come to any living creature upon which the basilisk {A reptile said to be born from a cock's egg} fixes its gaze. This real basilisk from Central America takes its name from the afore mentioned mythical monster whose Glance was so deadly that it could be subdued only by forcing it to gaze at its own Reflection. If it appears that the basilisk is looking up instead of at the water, perhaps he fears his own monstrous gaze more than the caiman. Because of its remarkable ability to "walk on water", basilisks are known in some parts of the world as the Jesucristo lizard.

print, edition limited to 500 S/N; 50 A/P
overall print size 17 in x 40 in
image size: 12 in x 36 in
$70 S/N; $85 A/P + shipping & handling

original oil painting
image size: 16 in x 48 in
frame size: 18.5 in x 50.5 in
$4,500 + shipping & handling

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