Matt Purdy



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The focus in most of Matt's work is on the role of the animal in ancient human cultures. Most cultures have stories of animals portrayed as creatures of power and influence, and there is usually an enlightening truth to these tales. It is this truth that Matt seeks out and tries to convey in his work. Matt has become a perfectionist in the quest for accuracy. Spending countless hours of research at libraries, in the woods, or at historical sites. He devotes as much time to studying archaeology as he does wildlife and the environment. By showing an animal in an archaeological setting. Matt hopes to imply an age-old connection between human cultures and animals. Hopefully this leads the viewer to ponder the mythological story line in his pieces, and the double meaning in some of the titles.

Taught in part by an abstract expressionist, Matt attained a unique abstract perspective on nature. His goal in every piece is to unify an animal within its habitat by manipulating the elements and principles of design. He calls this "mimicry", repeating textures, patterns, shapes, forms and colors to create a dynamic unity that "mimics" and reinforces the interdependency existing between an animal and its habitat.